First of all, you can try the methods below to solve the bug issue.

1. Turn off your device completely and turn it back on.
2. Game update: go to the Google Market (Android) or Appstore (iOS) and check if the game is up to date.
3. If you've tried Step 1 & 2 and you still cannot unlock the next episode, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

※ Note: If you did not connect the game with your Facebook account or played the game in offline mode, all your game data is saved in your device.
Therefore, if you changed or reset the device, or you deleted and reinstalled the PokoPoko app, your game progress will be lost and will be unable to recover.
So remember to connect the game with your Facebook account in order to keep your game progress safely.

You have tried the above method, and if you still face issues, please send us an inquiry to our in-game Customer Service Center (HELP) with the following information.
- Detailed information regarding the issue that you are experiencing and the steps.
- A screenshot (if possible) of the issue
- When the issue first occured (after installing, after update, etc.)
- Date and time (exact or estimated) when you first experienced the issue